CPA Caroline Gathii, IRMCert
Team Lead

Caroline has twenty (20) years’ experience in International Commerce, Risk Management, Auditing, Financial Management, Accounting, Auditing, Risk management, Business Budgeting and Planning, Financial Analysis and Forecasting amongst other key business areas. She commenced her working career at PricewaterHouse Coopers (PwC) where she was involved extensively in audit and assessments; she later moved to KPMG East Africa where she began her consulting career and gained considerable experience in consulting in Risk Management, Financial Management, Business Budgeting and Planning, Managing of People and Programs, Financial Analysis and Forecasting. Caroline later moved on to the European Union where she assisted in the role of a Management Consultant with the role of ensuring that the resources allocated by the EU are used as provided in the technical proposal and with the agreement between the EU and the Government of Kenya.

Caroline is currently managing a Risk Advisory Firm, First Idea Consulting Limited. There are five service lines: Risk Advisory Services, Risk Training, Business Continuity Planning, Financial Management and Payroll Support Services. The services are offered to both the Public and Private Sectors.  Caroline has gained considerable experience in offering training services; She is currently an adjunct trainer at Strathmore Business School; having trained in that role for eight years at Strathmore. She has trained numerous businesses in the areas of Financial Management, Planning and Budgeting, Pricing and Costing, Financial Analysis and Forecasting, Risk Management amongst others. She has set up credible finance and risk functions for various clients and made significant changes in their business practices. Caroline has provided services multiple sectors.

Caroline serves as the Board Member in charge of Risk of the Africa Economic Research Consortium (AERC). Her role on the board is to provide expert advice in relation to enterprise management risks and internal control systems, accounting and grant management policies and practices, and internal and external audit functions.

Caroline is the current President of the Organization of Women in International Trade, Nairobi (OWIT). OWIT has a membership database of 1,350 members. Her roles include: providing strategic leadership, ensuring the implementation of the OWIT strategy, designing suitable programs for the members along the four key objectives: Access to Markets, Access to Finance, Capacity Building and Mentorship. She is also the key liaison person for our partners and the OWIT spokesperson for any matters relating to the Business Membership Organisation (BMO).  She is a Board Member at the Wetlands International Board. She is in charge of Financial, Risk and Human Resources on the Board.

Caroline holds a Master’s Degree in Financial Management, a Degree in Bachelor of Science in Accounting. She is a Certified Public Accountant of Kenya and an International Certified Risk Practitioner from the Institute of Risk Management in the United Kingdom. She holds a Higher Diploma in Human Resource Management.